Videogaming: Buying DLC in Elder Scrolls Online

There is a lot of optional Down Loadable Content you can buy for ESO. However the base game is so huge that there’s really no need to buy anything else for the first few months of play — you can play just fine without buying anything extra at all. But if you have some money to spend and want to expand your experience, here are some recommended DLC options. Note that if you get an ESO+ subscriptions this will unlock nearly all the DLC for you automatically for as long as your subscription lasts.

DLC Types

DLC is divided into 3 types:

Imperial City

This is part of the Guilds & Glory bundle (see below), but it’s also now a free download from the ESO Crown Store. It’s a high-level PvPvE zone, with some seriously tough monsters and players all trying to kill you. I don’t recommend going there unless you have a decent team with you — it’s a dangerous place! But if you are in a group it can be a ton of fun. It’s one of my favourite regions to visit when we get a Guild team together. It also includes two great dungeons: Imperial City Prison & White-Gold Tower. You should definitely unlock this DLC right away, especially since it doesn’t cost anything

Guilds & Glory: The 4-DLC Mega-Pack

A compendium of the earliest Zone DLC content, including:

Overall, for 4000 Crowns instead of 7000 when bought individually, this bundle is definitely the best value DLC in the Crown Store. Highly recommended, this should be a no-brainer first DLC purchase. Get this one before you buy anything else.

Year Two Mega-Pack

This is composed of three DLC packs:

Buying these three packs individually would cost you a total of 5000 Crowns, but as a bundle you can pick them up for a total cost of 3500, so that’s a saving of 1500 Crowns. This isn’t anything like as good a deal as the Guilds & Glory megapack, but it’s still a decent saving. If you enjoy doing dungeons, then it’s absolutely worthwhile. But if you only play solo then don’t bother.


This was the first of the “chapter” expansions that were made available via Steam and other digital download providers. It not only contained the large Morrowind PvE questing area, it also introduced the Warden class, making it a really good buy. It’s now included in new copies of the game for free, and available directly from the ESO Crown Store as well for the (rip-off) price of 3500 Crowns ; but unfortunately the Crown Store Morrowind DLC does not include the Warden class unlock, you have to buy that separately (for another 1500 Crowns). If you don’t have it already included with your game, the best bet is to try to find an old copy of the original downloadable version in an online game store like and buy that instead.


Another chapter like Morrowind, and like that one, your best bet is not to buy it in the Crown Store but buy it with actual cash in an online game store instead. As well as containing the quite lovely island quest zone of Summerset, it also allows players to acquire the new Psijic Guild skill line. It’s not as good value as the Morrowind chapter or the Guilds & Glory DLC in my opinion, but if you have those already, this one is definitely worth picking up. To unlock in the Crown store it’s 3500 Crowns.


A mid-size adventure zone that’s only available in the Crown Store. For its size this one is a really fun zone, especially if you like fighting your way through swamps and talking to lizard people. Also contains the great Blackrose Prison 4-person Arena, which is basically a big tough dungeon. For 2000 Crowns this isn’t the best value purchase, but it’s worth gettting if you have finished everything in the Guilds & Glory DLC but don’t want to spend 3500 Crowns on one of the big chapter zones.


The cash money version of this chapter unlocks the fantastic Necromancer class, and allows you to go hunting actual full-size dragons (hint: don’t try this alone!). The questing area is a decent size, is quite beautiful, and has tons of fun quests to do — especially if you like cats. And not only that, as a reward for completing the main story quest you get a free house! And not just any old house, this is one of the biggest ones in the game. Considering that Manor Houses of this size cost anywhere between 6000 and 13000 (!) Crowns in the store, buying this whole chapter including the house for 3500 Crowns makes this DLC great value for money if player housing is important to you. However the Crown Store version does not include the Necromancer class, which you have to get separately for another 1500 Crowns. If you like teaming up with other players for big combats this one is highly recommended, especially if you really want to own your own house in the game.

Season of the Dragon DLC Bundle

This includes the Southern half of Elsweyr plus 2 dragon-themed dungeon packs (i.e. 4 dungeons in total). Southern Elsweyr is another lovely Khajiit area and has some fun pirate and dragon quests, but there’s no getting around that it’s one of the smaller zones. The dungeons are really good, and among the hardest in the game. Note that if you like the house you got with the Elsweyr chapter, this pack will also enable you to unlock 2 whole new sections for that house. Just like the Year 2 Megapack, buying these packs individually would cost you a total of 5000 Crowns, but as a bundle you can pick them up for a total cost of 3500, so that’s a saving of 1500 Crowns. It’s definitely worth buying if you already have the Elsweyr chapter and want more dungeons to go with it. Or really, really, really like cats and dragons.


This is the latest Chapter, currently only available for retail purchase. It’s… not bad, and it has some of the funniest quests in the game. The one bigthing it has that others don’t is the new Companion system, which allows you to unlock two NPC Companions who can join your party for questing. If you normally play alone or with just one or two other people, this can be a great help, especially for dungeons etc. If that’s you, then this is highly recommended, otherwise… meh.

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