If you are new to the MechWarrior franchise, it’s based on the long-running tabletop and video game Battletech series. It’s got detailed lore that runs over centuries of in-game…


So… this is the government’s latest UK advert. It’s already been withdrawn this afternoon because it’s so shit even by UK government standards.

“in cyber”

hahahahaha, what advertising twerp thought that that was even a thing?

But here’s the problem. I’m already seeing a huge amount of people (most of…

Savage Worlds roleplaying in the world of James S.A. Corey


What does the Bible really teach about life after death? The answer may surprise you, especially if you are a Christian!

There are many common beliefs that most people (including most Christians) think are “Christian”, but are actually completely different from what the Bible actually teaches.

For example, most Christians today seem to think that if you believe in Jesus, pray to God, and don’t do sinful things then after you…

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I write about music, tech, and, games. All the cool stuff the kids are doing these days.

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